In Home Display Unit

Your Smart Meter In Home Display Unit (IHD) sits inside your house in an easy to access place and will help you monitor your energy use. Smart meters show you the amount of energy (In Home Display Unit) you use in real-time and how much you are spending in pounds and pence – all of this information is displayed on a touch screen In-Home Display, which can be placed anywhere in your home for easy access.

Smart meters and in-home displays have been recently adopted to help give residential consumers more control over energy consumption, and to help meet environmental and security of supply objectives. The paper aims to identify the effectiveness of smart meters and real-time IHDs in reducing Shanghai household energy consumption through a pilot investigation. The research results demonstrate the improved awareness, understanding, and attitudes towards the energy saving by smart meters and IHDs.

Kruti has partnered with Siemens,Germany, to provide a comprehensive suite of next generation Operation and Support Systems for addressing Automation, M2M and Open Access FTTx needs.